A Toddler Motorbike Will Increase Balance And Coordination While Still Being Fun!

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toddler motorbike

The superMOPI Toddler Motorbike is a really neat ride on toy for kids who are 18 months and older.  Look out all you parents of toddlers because this is sure to be one of your favorite rides.  Not only will you love all of the great features that come with this ride but your kids will soon be zooming and zigzagging all around the house and the backyard.

The Toddler Motorbike isn’t a Big Wheels or a tricycle even though it looks slightly similar to both.  What it really is is just a little motorcycle without any sort of battery power.  Instead it uses the leg power generated by your little ones to make it operate and these are some of my favorite features that I think make it a great buy:

toddler motorbike pink

  • The superMOPI is a European design that comes in two sizes, a standard size and an extra large for those children with long legs.
  • It’s tiny, compact, and incredibly lightweight at only 2.8 pounds.  Your child will be able to pick it up themselves and you’ll be able to pick it up and carry it home if necessary.
  • This is a great ride on toy for promoting balance and coordination in a fun way.  Having 3 wheels gives your child the opportunity to increase their balance as they slowly improve in their riding skills.  As they improve you’ll see them speeding up, racing and chasing one another, and even coasting with their legs in the air!
  • The steering wheel works (and makes some really tight corners) making the riding experience even more of a challenge and increasing coordination skills. Using their legs to power their ride strengthens their large muscle groups, gives them more stamina, and stimulates their gross motor skills.

The Toddler Motorbike is very sturdy even though it’s made of plastic and is lightweight.  Don’t be deceived – this is one of the most sturdy ride on toys that you can buy.  It can be used both indoor and outdoor and will accommodate riders up to 50 pounds.

Available in orange, pink, and turquoise, you’ve got your choice of colors to choose from.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the superMOPI Toddler Motorbike can be transported with you easily, it’s a delight for the kids to ride, and it’s just like a beginners miniature motorcycle to boot!

Getting one for your child?  Let us know what you think!

P.S. A little toddler motorbike race in action:

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