The Little Tykes Wagon For Your Little Folks

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little tykes wagonIt’s March and there’s definitely the smell of spring in the air today! It’s so wonderful, after months of lousy winter weather, to smell the fresh air and be able to go outside and enjoy.  Warm weather makes me think about working in my gardens, digging in the dirt, getting down with the earth.   Ok, so maybe that’s just a little deep for a children’s blog but oh well, that’s how I’m feeling today.

So what does a Little Tykes Wagon have to do with my need to become one with the earth?  Well, wagons are perfect ride on toys for small children.  They’re a wonderful way to keep the kids entertained while you’re doing a little work around the yard. Last spring, with 15 month old Anna with me, we headed out to the yard in my kids ancient little red wagon from 22 years ago.

I was able to do some work while Anna entertained herself with some toys that I had stuffed in her wagon.  It was fun to work while still holding a conversation with her.  When I was done in one spot, or better yet when she started getting restless, I just trekked off to another area to do a little something else.

This year, with a 27 month old to help, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to put that wagon to use in even more ways.  Of course I’ll still pull her around in it but I’m hoping to get her more involved with the yard work.  Maybe she’ll enjoy picking up all of the branches and such that have accumulated over the winter.  Or maybe she’ll want to be more like Grammie and get right into the earthy business!

I was out shopping this past weekend and just couldn’t resist taking a look at the Little Tykes Wagons even though I don’t have any need to replace the wagon that I have.  I just love the great plastic wagons that are available and these are two of the coolest:

little tykes wagon

  • The Little Tikes Explore Wagon is an incredibly sturdy wagon that has removable sides.  It’s strong enough to handle a fair amount of weight and it’s great to look at with its red, tan, and teal color combination.
  • You’ve got to take a look at the wheels on this wagon.  They are just so rugged and tough looking that you will absolutely believe that this wagon can travel anywhere.  I couldn’t resist pulling it around the store and it has a very long handle that makes steering and turning easy.  It has plenty of room inside.

little tykes wagon

  • The Little Tikes Ride and Relax Wagon is a little more luxurious of a ride.  It has some really neat features including seat belts, cup holders, and a storage area for extra goodies.  This wagon is great because it actually converts to a very comfortable bench for the kids to hang out on.
  • You can hang out by sitting on this wagon, going for a little walk, or having an afternoon picnic.  If you’re up for some yard work just remove the sides and stock it with gardening supplies.  And what’s really great is that you can even buy this one with an umbrella attachment for some real relaxation.

Whether you’re just looking for a wagon to incorporate into your child’s outdoor playtime, or if you want one to participate with your garden and yard time, a Little Tykes Wagon will be sure to please!

P.S. Here’s a little preview of the Ride & Relax Wagon:

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