Pedal Go Karts – Safe Enough For Parents And Cool Enough For Kids

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pedal go kartsDo you love go karts or have a child who just thinks they’re the bomb?  Pedal go karts are built to look like the real thing, ride like the real thing, and they’re safe enough for parents to be comfortable with.  Go kart racing is one of today’s fastest growing sports and starting your kids off with a pedal ride is a great way for them to learn the ropes at an early age.  And if you’re looking for a unique but fun way for your kids to get around the neighborhood then a go kart fits the bill.  They’re a little different than your typical pedal car, they don’t have batteries to charge like the power wheels, and they can be even more fun than a bicycle.

pedal go karts

Pedal go karts are well made, they’re reasonably priced, and they have a good reputation for stimulating your child’s motor skills.  Your kids will be strengthening large muscle groups while they’re tooling around the neighborhood.

The Kettler Aero Racer is a sleek looking, chain driven ride that is both fun to ride, and easy to control.  It has a few features that make it stand out above some of the other rides:

  • The tubeless air-filled tires make this pedal go kart suitable for multiple terrain surfaces.  The tires are rubber, not plastic, and will withstand a multitude of conditions.
  • This kart has a 4 position, easy to adjust, and high backed racing seat.  Combine this with a longer frame, 48″ from front nose to back bar, and your kids will experience one of the smoothest rides possible.
  • The pedals are oversized and have an anti-slip feature that help keep kids feet securely where they belong.  The handbrake is very easy to reach and will stop the kart quickly if necessary.
  • The freewheeling shift lever allows your kids to either coast or shift into gear for extra pedaling power.  If you’ve got a small track available, or have a neighbor area for a race, your kids will learn how to excel with this extra shifting feature.

Pedal go karts are the perfect outdoor toy.  Your kids can ride as far as their energy level allows without having to recharge any batteries except their own.  They’re a really cool ride for small children and they’re wonderful if you’ve got a potential racer on your hands.  And even though the gas models can appear to have safety issues, the pedal rides are as safe as can be.

Have a go kart driver on your hands?  Let us know all about it!

P.S.  Want to keep all your options open for some other unique pedal go karts?  Take a moment to review these cool rides:

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And even the John Deere Go Kart!

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