Pewi Ybike – What The Heck Is It?

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YBIKE Pewi Pink Balance Bike

At first you may kind of laugh at the name, so go on, say it a few times fast! Kind of silly isn’t it but let’s take a look at the Pewi Ybike and figure out why it is starting to catch on in popularity. At first glance it may look a bit odd to you. But you have to admit, when you look at that smiley face handle, it makes you smile right back! It’s similar to the push ride on toys like the Bumble Bee Buggy and the Ride on Excavator but it’s got so much more to offer. And holding to the tradition of searching out unique and useful toddler ride on toys here, I just had to know more.
YBIKE Pewi Red Balance Bike

So naturally I went to check out one of the large local toy retailers in search of this mysterious Pewi Ybike! And I have to admit to all of you, at first look I did laugh just a bit.

But I had to actually wait a few minutes to put my hands on one as a young mother was also looking over the Pewi that was on display. This one happened to be bright pink and needless to say, it did stand out among the rest of the toys. As I looked at some other ride-ons that were on display, the mother took her toddler and placed her in front of the Pewi!


To make a long story short, she loved it! She grabbed onto that big smiley faced handle and gave her Mom the biggest smile. Sure, she took a few steps and bounced on her butt, but she used the Ybike to get right back up again. This went on for a few minutes until I asked the Mother exactly where she heard about the Pewi. It seems that some daycare centers in our area have the Ybike in their toy arsenal and the kids absolutely love them.

YBIKE Pewi Blue Balance BikeSo did this experiment result in a purchase? You bet it did! And it made me want to investigate even further.

The Pewi Ybike is made by a company in Dublin Ireland. In fact, the Pewi is just one of their unique toddler ride on toys that they market. The whole concept behind the Pewi is to actually teach your toddler balance and space awareness. And just in case pink doesn’t fit into your decorating scheme, the Pewi Balance Bike, which is sometimes referred to as the walking buddy, also comes in red and blue. It does need to be assembled but that shouldn’t take very long.

Now if your looking for a unique toy for your toddler, and want something that will actually help them to develop their balance and their motor skills, then you need to take serious look at the Pewi Ybike.

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