The Power Wheels Beetle – The Love Bug In Pink

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The Power Wheels Beetle is a well designed replica of the famous Volkswagen Beetle.  The Beetle was very popular from 1938 until 2003.  It was a sad day when Volkswagen decided to quit producing this adorable little car.  It was such a fast, lovable, and practical car that was a standout in its day.

The popularity of the Beetle really took off  when that adorable little Disney character, Herbie the Love Bug, came upon the scene.  I loved Herbie.  He was funny, he had a mind of his own, and he could drive himself.  I remember having lots of good laughs over his shenanigans.  The Love Bug was one of the very first movies that I remember watching in the theaters as a child.  Those days were so much fun.  Buttery popcorn, the innocence of childhood, and the enjoyment of Herbie!

power wheels beetle

  • The Barbie Power Wheels Beetle is the perfect car for little girls.  This car is adorable, it’s pink, and it’s just plain fun to ride on.  It has a very realistic Volkswagen design with popular colors that are just right for little girls.  It’s Herbie in pink!
  • This car runs off of a 6 volt battery at a very safe speed of 2.5 mph.  This speed is just right for girls who are just learning to drive.  It’s slow enough to let them become comfortable with the movement and steering but fast enough to have lots of fun.  It’s a great beginners car.
  • Your child will operate the car with a simple foot pedal operation.  The automatic brake system works when they take their foot off of the pedal, stopping the vehicle.  This is an added convenience and safety feature.
  • The Power Wheels Beetle is a one seater car that has a working door that opens and closes.  This makes it very convenient to get in and out of the vehicle.  It’s not necessary to climb over anything to get in.

Over all, the Power Wheels Beetle is a great car for children who are just learning how to drive a battery operated ride on toy.   Your kids will laugh a lot, gain self confidence, and stimulate their imaginations with this Love Bug In Pink!

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