A Power Wheels Tractor That Can Perform On Any Surface

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Power Wheels TractorIf you’ve got children who love the outdoors and you live in an area with multiple surface conditions than you need a Power Wheels Tractor that will perform.

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Do you have muddy, grassy, or hilly conditions to tackle?  Are you tired of ride on toys that slip and slide on these types surfaces?  A Power Wheels tractor makes a great ride no matter where you live but they’re especially great for those of you who live on farms or have a fair amount of acreage for the kids to travel on.

John Deere Tractors have been around since 1776.  Kids love these green machines and they’ve certainly got an incredible reputation of being tough and able to go anywhere.  My nephews live on a farm and I’ll never forget how they used to be able to recite the different John Deere models and engine specs when they were as young as 5.  They love their John Deere’s even to this day.

A Power Wheels Tractor is the perfect toy for your preschool and younger school aged children.  Not only will they have a tough and rugged vehicle that will get them anywhere they want to go, but they’ll have a vehicle that will be teaching them some important things and this is something that is very important to all parents. Of course we want the kids to have fun but we also want them to be developing and learning from their toys.

Your children will learn to be more independent and self-confident when they’re out on their very own tractor. They will also be increasing their coordination as they learn to steer, work the two gears, and manage the gas pedal and brake.  Cognitive development also gets stimulated with ride on tractors because you can be sure that their little imaginations are working full blast as they plan their next trip and adventure.

power wheels tractor

  • One of the most durable Power Wheels Tractor is made by Peg Perego, a very reputable ride on toy manufacturer.  This John Deere turf tractor is designed to keep your kids buy for hours at a time.  They can pretend to mow the grass, head out to cut the hay, or do some much needed yard work by picking up any garbage and putting it in their wagon.
  • The turf tractor comes complete with both tractor and trailer.  This 12v battery operated ride drives in two speeds, 2.25mph and 4.5mph.  If you child is just learning how to drive then all you need to do is engage the high speed lockout until they’re comfortable steering and operating the gas and brake.
  • The seat is adjustable so your child can grow with this toy for years to come.  The accelerator and the brake are on the same pedal.  The two rear driving wheels have their own independent motors.  This is what gives this ride the extra ability to handle hills and wet surfaces.

The John Deere Turf Tractor is just one of the fun and exciting Power Wheels Tractor for your child.  Look out as they tackle any surface condition, fill up their trailers with just about anything, and enjoy the great outdoors in their very authentic looking John Deere. And if you want the kids to really play the part then you dress them in a great pair of overalls and a plaid shirt as they head out the door for a little bit of fun. Now, that’s not necessary of course but it could be a little fun for all you moms and dads.

P.S. This is Paige’s very first time driving her John Deere Turf Tractor and wagon.  She’s a little unsure of the acceleration but I think she did just great.  Check out how well the tractor handled the sloppy conditions.

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