Wow – The Rolling Coaster Ride On Car!

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Are you a theme park lover?  A thrill seeker who loves the big rides?

Are you hoping that your kids will feel the same way?  How would you like to have a miniature rolling coaster ride on car in the middle of your backyard?  What a great way for the kids to get a little taste of these extreme rides!

Some kids (and let’s admit it, even us adults) are more attuned to fast and thrilling rides than others.  Roller coasters are the ultimate action packed and thrill seeking ride. Those of us who love the thrill that comes with a roller coaster go out of our way to find the fastest, tallest and longest coasters available.

Roller coasters are driven by basic inertial, gravitational, and centripetal forces. I’m not really sure what the heck that means but let’s just say that they’re fast and they’re exciting.  There’s nothing better than that sense of weightlessness that you feel as you crest that initial hill and your stomach sinks as you plummet.

This is really fun stuff and your kids can get a taste of the excitement right in your backyard with their very own ride.

rolling coaster ride on car

  • The rolling coaster ride on car may be one of the biggest rides available but it’s got to be big in order to provide the speed.  This great ride had plenty of safety features and is very rugged and durable with its double-wall construction.
  • The 30″ high platform has a safety rail and includes 9 feet of step track with built in steps that provide lots of stability.
  • The car has hand grips, footrests, and a high seat back to support your child’s back.
  • Your kids will be able to jump right into the coaster car, hang on to the hand grips, and plummet down their first roller coaster hill.  When they reach the bottom all they’ve got to do is turn around, push the car back up the hill, and jump back in for another thrilling ride.

This coaster has been available for about 3 years now and is a summer birthday party favorite.   Parents have been known to set this up on a sloping incline so when the car travels down the track it continues to gain speed and travel down the back yard (or wherever it happens to be set up).  Your kids can easily travel another 30 to 50 feet further due to the incline and kids have a blast!

The rolling coaster ride on car will give your kids a little taste of the thrill and excitement that comes from extreme rides, all in a package that is appropriate for children.  Let us know what you think of yours!

P.S. If you’ve got the room the kids can even enjoy this indoors!

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