The Antique Pedal Car Brings Back Memories

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Who doesn’t love to see a classic antique car rolling down the road on its way to a car show on a warm summer day?  I know these cars always make me turn to take a second look.  They’re so unique and tell a story about a whole other era in our history.  According to the Classic Car Club of America, classic cars were only manufactured during the years of 1925 through 1942.  Who can forget the stunning Studebaker’s or the Brum?  And what better way to admire these incredible cars then in the miniature antique pedal car version.

Our children love to imitate what we do and being able to drive their own little car is very exciting for them.  The antique pedal car is a timeless looking ride on toy that looks adorable with kids behind the wheel.  This is a great ride that will generate some good old physical exercise, raise self confidence, and get some fantasy play going.

antique pedal car

  • This antique pedal car is striking with it’s bright red color.  What a timeless looking jalopy with snazzy chrome accents, running boards, headlights, and a windshield.
  • Some of my favorite classic cars have fold-able or sliding roofs.  The hot rodder car doesn’t disappoint with its pretend fold-able roof-top.  It also has an engine hand crank in the front that’s very reminiscent of old-fashioned vehicles.
  • Your kids will be able to ride this car for years to come because of its two position adjustable pedal assembly.  It has a sealed ball bearing drive, high traction tires with red rims and chrome hubcaps, and non-slip pedals.

Pedal cars are very instrumental in stimulating cognitive growth. When your children are outside cruising the neighborhood, not only will they be stimulated by the great outdoors but they’ll also be thinking up a great adventure.

The great thing about imaginative play is that it’s an open-ended arena that stimulates creativity. Learning how to be creative will benefit your children for their entire lifetime in many different ways. When your children are on their antique pedal car you can be sure that they’re planning adventures, mapping out their routes, and finding solutions to any problems that come up along the way.

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