The Bumble Bee Buggy by Little Tikes

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bumble bee buggyThe Little Tikes Bumble Bee Buggy is one of the most adorable little rides for toddlers.  Not only is the yellow and black body style incredibly cute but the smiling face on this little bug gives it a personality of its own.

The Bumble Bee Buggy is a wonderful foot to floor toy that makes a great toddler and infant toy.  Both foot to floor toys like the Bumble Bee and the Cozy Coupe,  and push ride on toys like the Turtle, are very developmentally stimulating for small children and will benefit them is a few different ways:

  • Your little one will be strengthening their large muscle groups as they scoot around in their very own little bug.  This will help them to improve their gross motor skills and to strengthen their legs for better walking skills.
  • They’ll become more independent and self confident as they maneuver all around the house or the yard.  You’ll see them begin to develop better balance and coordination.
  • You’ll also see a lot of hand to eye movements when your kids turn the steering wheel and play with the buttons on the dash.  All of these movements improve the important fine motor skills.

bumble bee buggy

  • The Bumble Bee Buggy is also fun and easy to ride.  Your little one will find it very easy to climb in and out of with no doors to open and close.
  • The caster wheels make this ride very easy to maneuver and it rides very smoothly on hard surfaces and turns very easily.  If anyone gets in the way all your child has to do is beep the horn to get the culprit to move out of the way!
  • Want to make an afternoon ride on the Bumble Bee educational and fun all in one shot?   You can increase your child’s vocabulary by incorporating words like yellow, bee, buzz, eye, nose, mouth, and even antenna into your conversations with a visual image to go along with them.

The Little Tikes Bumble Bee Buggy is one of the cutest ride on toys for toddlers that you can find.  Just look at those antenna – who can resist them?  There’s one thing that I noticed with some of the younger kids.  Some of them are intimidated or just not interested in pushing or scooting themselves around.  If this is the case (and your back allows it) you can let them pick up their feet while you push them around.  I guarantee you it won’t take long before they’re scooting around on their own!  How long did it take your child to buzz around all by themselves?

P.S. Don’t worry about putting the Bumble Bee Buggy together…here’s a video to help you every step of the way.

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