The Ezy Roller Riding Toy Is Unbelievably Unique

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ezy roller riding toyDid you ever get involved watching the luge competition during the Winter Olympics?  Isn’t it just so cool to watch those riders make it look effortless as they zoom down the mountain and around those curves at speeds that are unimaginable?  At first glance, the Ezy Roller Riding Toy gave me the impression of one of these awesome luges and I couldn’t help but think “WOW! – I wish I had one of these when I was a kid.

What the Ezy Roller really does is combine the control that you get with a bike with the fun of a scooter (and a luge too!) into one very unique childrens ride on toy. The Ezy Roller has no chains to grease, no pedals to turn, and no batteries to charge.  Instead it glides along with the motion that is similar to that of a snake, silently and effortlessly getting your children around town with just some foot movements.

ezy roller

  • So how exactly does the Ezy Roller Riding Toy work?  It’s actually pretty simple in the fact they your kids just need to place their feet against the foot pedals and push back and forth using right to left leg movements.
  • The movement of the Ezy Roller has been compared to the action and reaction principles of the gondoliers in Venice who make sinus curves in the water.  Now that terminology is a little over my head but what’s it’s done for the Ezy is help it get an award winning patented design for its all steel frame and fork that will last your child a lifetime.  It’s this design that makes this ride on toy so unique and a winner of the Parents’ Choice Recommended Award.
  • Children as young as 3 years of age can enjoy this ride and the developmental benefits are many. Powering this ride will work your child’s large muscle groups as they work the foot pedals.  This strengthens their muscles which in turn increases their gross motor skills.  And the stronger they get the faster they’re going to ride, up to an incredible 12 mph.
  • Because of the way that your child is positioned on their Ezy and combined with the foot motions, this ride is wonderful for increasing both balance and coordination skills.  Athletically inclined children will have no problem riding and those who are less skilled will easily learn in a very quick time, giving them the confidence and self-esteem that they need to conquer their new toy.  It’s low center of gravity makes tumbles not so rough.

The Ezy Roller Riding Toy can be ridden both indoors and out.  I would suggest using it indoors for only the smaller children.  The older and more advanced your child, the faster they’re going to go.  Riding indoors could be hazardous to your walls and furniture.  Not only is this ride unique but it’s also loads of fun and will last your children for years because it’s extendable for children up to 14 years old (parts included).

Ever seen anything like this before?  Let us know how much your child enjoys his or hers!

P.S. Take a look at the Ezy Roller in action. It reminds me a little bit of the Rip Rider!

The Ezy Roller Riding Toy was designed, developed, tested, and originally only sold in New Zealand. Now available in Australia, the US, and Canada, it’s not only a favorite toy of the Kiwis but of other nationalities too.  Avoid using this toy on slopes because of the speed involved.  You kids will be sure to wear out the hand brakes quickly at that point!

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