The Little Tikes Pillow Racers Ladybug

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Pillow Racers LadybugThere’s nothing more cute and cuddly than the Little Tikes Pillow Racers ladybug. In fact, this little push ride on toy is just as cute as a bug can be.

Little Tikes has outdone themselves with their line of Pillow Racers, the fun loving push toys that are designed after several different animals. The favorite of them all appears to be the ladybug but they’re all so darn cute that who can really say who the favorite is!

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 The Pillow Racer is a combination of all things that are fun when it comes to a ride on toy. This little ladybug is a pillow that is just as soft as can be that is attached to a racer body so kids aged 18 months to 3 years can have fun riding all around your house.

 Your kids can just sit on top of the pillow seat, grab hold of the handlebar, and push themselves around with their feet. Now you’re probably going to be surprised at just how fast your kids can actually get around on these toys. The power of those little feet is not to be understated!

One of the best things about the Pillow Racer is that fact that it has caster wheels. This gives the bug the ability to move around in 360 degree movement. That means your kids can scoot sideways if they want, and they can very easily turn and spin around.

There’s also a piece in the front of the toy that keeps it from tipping. And kids love it when parents push them around. They can just pick up their feet and let you spin them around. You don’t even have to worry about your hardwood floors because these wheels won’t hurt a thing!

The best thing for the parents is the fact that this toy doesn’t require any  tools or any batteries. It’s very easy to put together and the most common complaint is that the fabric is a little bit tight when it comes to stretching it over the stability bar. Not really such a big deal in the whole scheme of things, right!

The Pillow Racers don’t have to just be used as a push toy, it can also be used as a pillow. When it’s downtime for your child, you just may find that they love their new little ladybug so much that they want to take it to bed with them.

The pillow is so plush that it perfect for nap time. Just remove it from the racer body and it will become their favorite pillow too. It’s completely washable so you can keep it clean after all the use that it gets.

If you’re not up to attaching and un-attaching it all the time then I would suggest that you don’t even tell your child that it can be used as a pillow and save yourself the aggravation if that’s what you find it to be.

The Little Tikes Pillow Racers ladybug is just one of the many different animals available in the Pillow Racer line.  There are dinos, turtles, unicorns, and even fire trucks. You can find them all here:

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 Here’s a little fella enjoying his ladybug:

In a nutshell, these toys are great for smaller kids. They’re safe to ride, they’re not as expensive as a motorized ride, and they’re very easy to maintain.


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