The Power Wheels Harley Davidson Rocks!

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power wheels harley davidsonIf you’re looking for a really cool motorcycle for your kids then you just may love the Power Wheels Harley Davidson.  This is the perfect beginners motorbike for toddlers and preschoolers and before we’re done you’re going to have to admit that it’s pretty awesome to look at and pretty neat for young children.

The story of the Harley Davidson is pretty neat.  William S Harley and Arthur Davidson built the first 400cc single cylinder engine for their bikes in 1902.  A year later, joined by Davidson’s older brothers Walter and William A, they fitted the single cylinder engine into the frame of a bicycle.  This would become the prototype for the  Harley Davidson Motorcycles that we know today.

It’s amazing how far these bikes have come considering that the early models had no lights and no suspensions.  Today’s bike are just iconic, a legend in their own right. There’s not a head that doesn’t turn when we hear or see them headed our way.  You can be sure that your kids are just as fascinated with them as we are.

power wheels harley davidson

  • I think that the Power Wheels Harley Davidson is one of the cutest ride on toys that you’ll ever find.  It has very realistic styling and looks very much like a classic Harley in miniature.  It’s cool, it’s safe for small kids, and it’s ideal for a first time battery powered toy.
  • This bike has a 6 volt battery powered engine which means that it travels at a very safe speed of only 2 mph.  This is perfect for children as young as 18 months old.  The single button stop and go feature makes very easy for children to operate and the speed is slow enough for kids to able to learn how to steer.

power wheels harley davidson

  • The fact that this little Harley sits low to the ground makes it very safe for young children.  It has a single seat and a has a three-wheel base, two in the back and one in the front.  The wide wheel base in the back which gives it better stability.  This makes it much easier for kids to get on and off easily.

Kids love motorcycles and the Power Wheels Harley is the ideal beginners ride.  Just like a tricycle is the perfect introduction to the world of bicycles, this Harley is the perfect introduction to the world of motorcycles.  Not only will your kids be able to look cool and act cool but they’ll also be gaining some great developmental skills. They’ll be improving their coordination and balance, increasing their motor skills, and sparking their creativity and imaginations.  Don’t hesitate to consider this great ride for your kids!

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