The Power Wheels Little People Tot Rod Provides 2 Stage Learning

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power wheels little people tot rodThe Power Wheels Little People Tot Rod is a wonderful toy for toddlers who are 1 year or older.  This electric ride on car comes complete with a 2 step learning series that will help both you and your child make the transition from a push ride on toy to a motorized vehicle.

It’s very natural for parents to be concerned about putting their 1 year old behind the wheel of a battery operated ride.  The Little People Tot Rod comes with a parent assist handle that will put these fears to rest.  With this handle, parents are able to control both the power and the steering of this little hot rod.

power wheels little people tot rod

  • While parents are in control of the vehicle itself, children will have more time to acclimate themselves to riding in their very own car.  They can practice steering and play with the activity dash which comes with pretend turn signals and both a key and knobs that click.
  • When parents are comfortable with their children riding the Power Wheels Little People Tot Rod all by themselves, they can move up to Stage 2 which is the independent driving stage.  All you have to do at this point is remove the parent handle and off they’ll go.  Your kids will experience a rush of independence the first time that they ride all by themselves!
  • This 6 volt ride travels at a very safe 2 mph and goes forward only, there’s no reverse.  The push-button operation makes it easy to operate and easy to stop and go.  The high back bucket seat (with seat belt) makes riding very comfortable and the wide door opening makes it easy for little ones to climb in and out.
  • This toddler ride should only be ridden outdoors and is appropriate for use on both hard surfaces and on grass.  Toddlers are very stimulated by their environment and to be out and about on their own little car will be very exciting for them.  They’ll experience sensory and cognitive stimulation as they’re checking out the neighborhood with mom and dad.

The Power Wheels Little People Tot Rod is a wonderful beginner’s car for toddlers.  It doesn’t travel fast, it’s very stimulating, and I highly recommend it for your little ones.  Put away the stroller and the wagons and try something a little different on sunny days.

P.S. Here’s the perfect illustration of how the parent assist handle works.

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