The Wonderworld Ride On Fire Engine For Toddlers

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ride on fire engine

Toddlers love a great ride on fire engine.  And how do I know this?  Well, toddlers are at the stage of their lives where they’re learning how to walk, how to talk, how to communicate and relate to others, and how do things for themselves.  They have their own ideas, they want to be independent, and they love to play with toys that are stimulating.  Not only must these toys be stimulating but they must be  easy enough to use in order to prevent a meltdown in frustration, a very typical toddler reaction.

Here’s where the Wonderworld ride on fire engine comes in to play.  A fire engine is a very exciting vehicle to toddlers.  It’s bright red in color, it makes great sounds, and it really get imaginations working when your kids head out to the next fire emergency or rescue mission.  Toddlers are more active now than at any other time in their lives and a ride on toy is a great way to use up some of that energy.

wonderworld ride on fire engine

  • The ride on fire engine is actually very retro looking, is made of environmentally friendly rubberwood, and comes with really cool fire engine decals that the kids can help you to decorate.
  • This fire engine is a little bit different than must push ride on toys.  Push toys have a handle on the back, which can make it difficult for some children to get on and off of.  This ride has no handle so your toddler can easily swing their leg over the back to make getting off and on very easy.
  • If your toddler loves to store things, and most of them do, then they’ll love the secret storage compartment that is underneath the seat.  Just pick it up to add all their treasures to the mix.
  • One feature that I really love with this engine is the fact that the front wheels actually turn.  This may not sound like a big deal but it makes a huge difference in how your child rides this vehicle.  Many ride on toys in this age grouping have wheels that don’t turn which means that your child has to stop, stand up, and pick up the vehicle in order to change direction.  Not so with the Wonderworld.
  • The handlebars are easy to turn and help kids learn the skill of steering.  This is important to learn before they move on a tricycle or a power wheels vehicle.

The Wonderworld Ride On Fire Engine may cost a little more than a similar plastic ride but with the Wonderworld you’ll have a toy that will last long enough to be passed from generation to generation and there’s nothing more priceless than that!

Let us know how much your toddler enjoys their very first fire engine!

P.S. This fire truck sing along storybook is just adorable!

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