The Spiderman Bicycle For Spider Loving Boys

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spiderman bicycleThe Spiderman Bicycle is a great ride on toy for adventurous boys.  This is one tough bike that will give those energetic boys a ride for their money.  They’ll be sure to get not only a good physical workout but they’ll also get their spider crime fighting senses working full steam.

The Spiderman Bicycle is available in both a 12” and a 16” tire size. Children who are 2 to 5 years old and 26”-34” in height will do well with the 12” bike.  Children who are 4 to 8 years old and 34”-42” in height will love the 16” ride.

There are loads of super heroes out there for our kids to admire but Spiderman is one of the most popular.  Your kids will love this snazzy bike that will allow them to fight neighborhood crime just like their idol Spidey.

spiderman bicycleBoth of the Spiderman bicycles share similar features that are worth noting:

  • These BMX style bikes are built with a heavy duty steel frame that can take the rough and tumble play that comes with most little boys.  The frame won’t bend if twisted or if the bike hits something (yes, crashes do occur when it comes to boys).
  • The pneumatic knobby tires don’t wear down and they provide a smooth ride. The rear training wheels are securely fastened and can be removed when your child is confident enough to ride on their own.
  • The padded seat adds extra comfort to the ride and the chain is fully enclosed as a safety precaution. You won’t have to worry about little feet or pant legs getting caught.
  • The 12” Spiderman Bicycle comes equipped with coaster brakes.  These brakes work when your child pedals backward and they’re easier and safer for the younger children to operate.  The 16” Spiderman Bicycle comes with both coaster brakes and hand brakes so the kids who are a little older can use either option.

The Spiderman Bicycle is so cool looking that your kids will never want to get off of them.  They’re just covered with cool graphics and decals that make this ride stand out in the crowd.  These bikes are fun, they’re inexpensive to buy, and they’re built to last.  Let us know how much your kids love their ride what types of adventures they encounter.

P.S. Looks like Jalen’s first two wheeler is the Spiderman Bicycle!

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