The Strider Balance Bike Builds Confidence And Coordination

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strider balance bikeThe Strider Balance Bike is a ride on toy that is a little different than what we’re used to in the world of bicycles.  Referred to as the PREbike, balance bike, or running bike, the Strider is a two wheel bike without any pedals.

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The concept around the design is that typical trikes and bikes with training wheels place too much emphasis on the pedaling aspect, taking away your child’s motor skill development.

The manufacturer recommendation is that once your child masters a push ride on toy, the most natural progression for them is on to the Strider Balance Bike.  If your child can walk then they can ride the balance bike.  Pedals aren’t necessary because kids are able to put their feet firmly on the ground and learn balance skills at their own pace.

strider running bikeThe Strider bikes are very basic in design.  They aren’t loaded with graphic designs, they don’t replicate Barbie or Spiderman or any other fictional characters, and they’re available in 6 different colors.

They’re just clean and simple and ready to stimulate your kids motor skills, making them ready for the transition to a normal two wheeled bicycle.

  • These are few of the most notable features of the Strider Balance Bike:
  • The bike is amazingly light and weighs in at only 6.9 pounds fully assembled.  This makes it easy for even the smallest of children to be able to maneuver.
  • The launch Pad footrests are conveniently placed for little feet so gliding is easy to learn. Once they learn how to glide they’ll be able to move on to more advanced riding skills.
  • The foam tires are puncture proof which means that you’ll never have to deal with a flat tire.  You never have to fill them with air and they’re appropriate for all terrains.
  • The handle bars swivel 360 degrees which is a huge safety factor.   They collapse flat if a child unfortunately falls as opposed to the 90 degree fixed position of a tricycle handlebar.  This prevents possible chest and stomach injuries that can occur from a fall.
  • The adjustable seat allows even the smallest child to be able to ride and place their feet firmly on the ground for increased balance and coordination skills.  It will fit riders  from 30″ to 44″ tall and up to 50 pounds.

The Strider Balance Bike can be ridden anywhere that your child can walk.  It’s light enough to be tossed in the trunk and carried with you wherever you go.  With the Strider you’ll never have to worry again about an aching back as you bend over to push your child on a typical trike.  When you buy a Strider PREbike you’ll be teaching your children to ride at an even earlier age.

Let us know what you really think about the concept surrounding this cool bike!

P.S. All the benefits of the Strider Balance Bike:

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